Przemysław (Simon) Stanisz & Erik Wesner
Effective B2B sales processes.
2 day workshop for IT companies
Some reasons to visit workshop:
What we will create during the workshop is an essential sales process, that is:
You want to know how and when reach potential clients and how long does it take to sign a contract/get a decision from a cold lead. This of course is linked with different personas (CEO, CTO, PM + type of company), so we can figure out what outreach channel is the best for them (email, Linkedin before the event, Conferences, meetups and content marketing presentations during etc.), how should we follow up and how to run the rest of the communication. this requires not only changes to the leading part, but also optimizing the qualification and negotiations elements, so they're more smooth for the selected target.
We want the process to be a set of actions that anyone from the company could do. For this we write down what to say, when to say it and how to do it. This creates a sales framework that you can measure - we can create some sort of analytics for all parts of the cycle. With that you don't see sales as a 1 step process but divide it into number of steps that you can analyze and fully optimize.
We want the process to be used by more and more people. We can scale it not only in number of salespeople but also to other markets/types of orgs and with other related products. That way we do a universal template that should work in 80-90% of steps and rest you change based on the product, market or the local culture. With this scale you'll be also able to have a 1-2 day on-boarding process, so you can test the new sales reps ASAP.
How to increase efficiency in B2B sales?
Effective B2B sales processes 2 days workshop on the 15-16th of December in Minsk
Day 1 - Part 1
    - Overview of the 8-step Cycle of the Sale – Focus on the Approach (Initial Contact) & Introduction (First Meeting)
    - Goals of the Sales Process – From Controlling Emotions to Building Loyalty
    - How to Initiate First Contact Effectively – From the Psychology of the Listener to Verbal and Non-verbal Cues
    - How to Gain Trust in 2 Minutes or Less – A Simple but Highly Effective Method
      Day 2 - Part 2
        - Selling Ideas First – Concepts before Features
        - Identifying Needs – Via Discovery or Creation
        - Covering Objections in Advance – Identifying and Disarming
        Common Objections
        - Creating an Effective Buying Atmosphere – Key to Low-
        Pressure Selling

        A Q&A session is part of our workshop. Feel free to have
        questions prepared from your own sales experience.
          Do you ever feel like this?
          because you have just one or two major clients that make up 70-80% of your revenue?
          Because you work for less money that you feel you should be getting for your quality services?
          Because you have no control over the sales process and have no idea when a lead might become a client?
          Because your employees quit because of not having enough interesting projects?
          Founder and Partner at NorthStar Consulting
          Partner at NorthStar Consulting
          Simon Stanisz
          Erik Wesner
          Who we are:
          Przemyslaw Simon Stanisz, Founder, North Star Consulting. Fourteen years experience in sales and business management. Five years in direct sales and management in the USA; trained and coached hundreds of salespeople and marketers in USA, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Baltics, France, UK and many more.
          Co-founder of multiple successful businesses and brands on the European market helping increase sales and marketing efficiency
          Active in new technologies and startup communities in Europe and the US, working as a coach and a mentor. Presenter in organizations including Stanford University via the US-Polish Trade Council.
          Worked with multiple companies from the smallest startups to top corporations like Deutsche Telekom, Cisco, Google. Enjoys working with tech companies that want to scale abroad and grow their sales.
          Erik Wesner, Partner, North Star Consulting. Nine years in sales and management with The Southwestern Company, a 160-year-old US publisher.
          Over 15,000+ sales calls in career. Set company international division sales record (2006). Experienced sales coach and trainer.
          Author of Success Made Simple: An Inside Look at Why Amish Businesses Thrive (2010), covered in international media including TIME magazine, CNNMoney,, and more.
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          "I worked with Harun and Przemek on the PITCH! sessions for startups at Google for Entrepreneurs and I enjoyed our cooperation a lot. They were extremely devoted to this program, shared private time to make this happen. The content they've prepared based on the community feedback was very relevant and presented in a professional, but also funny and creative way. I had full confidence that they took care of every detail of each session. I'm looking forward to our further cooperation."
          Paulina Mazurek
          Program Manager at Google
          "Trust, analysis of needs, a proposition concerning the possibility of solving a problem, confirmation, closure. Przemek's calm and velvety voice wins your trust. By the means of clever examples Harun complements the story about the techniques and behaviour of a good salesman. The workshop conducted by him is like sitting in a comfortable armchair with a mug of coffee and a great book. You imbibe every paragraph and do not control time. I recommend it!"
          Szymon Kubicki
          CEO at - We design Internet of Things and mHealth devices.
          "It was one of the most important trainings in which I participated. Przem and Harun are professional salespeople and trainers. 10 sessions in Pitch Program totally changed my way of looking at sales. I honestly recommend workshops with them, you won't regret it!"
          Kamil Budzynski
          Founder of ARIOS - Augmented Reality Mobile Applications
          We will give you answers to:
          1. How the psychology of sales works
          2. How to build trust in 2 minutes
          3. How to present your product
          4. How to match the product with a need of the client
          5. How to show the price
          6. How to close a sale/presentation
          7. What to do to make customers come back
          8. How to get testimonials and referrals
          9. "Templates for cold email campaigns"
          10. "Templates and ideas how to run meeting, including quick, 20 minute qualifications"
          11. Strategies how to present and show the product or service
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